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What Did You Say? - Pt. 1

In response Jesus said to it, “Let no one eat fruit from you ever again.” And His disciples heard it.

Mark 11:14 NKJV

This week we are diving into a new aspect of faith: your words! What you say has a tremendous impact on your life. Our scripture for part one of “What Did You Say?” comes from the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree and it dying from the roots up. What is so significant about this passage is that all Jesus did was speak to it. He didn’t pray for it or lay hands on it or get the Disciples to pray too, He just spoke to it. 

As we have discussed in previous weeks, we are to be imitators of Jesus (Ephesians 5:1). The faith that God has given us is the same faith Jesus used when He was on earth. God didn’t give us lesser faith, He gave us the very same faith of Jesus! The question is, will we use this faith? Will we choose to speak to our circumstances, problems, and situations the way Jesus did? Or will we keep speaking doubt and disappointment in our lives? 

An important thing to keep in mind this week is the fact that Jesus spoke to the tree, but it wasn’t until the next day that He saw the results. Don’t be moved by what you see in the natural, but continue to speak in faith and you will see what you say come to pass in your life!

Be Blessed and Encouraged,