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What Did You Say? - Pt. 4

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17 NKJV

At first glance, this verse looks simple. Hearing the Word of God produces faith in us! And although that is true, it is not the complete picture of how faith operates. Anyone can read a promise of God, understand it with their natural mind, and agree with that promise in an intellectual way. That doesn’t mean they will see that promise come to pass. 

God’s kind of faith must be birthed out of a revelation of the word of God, not just knowledge. A simple example of revelation is when you’ve read a scripture a dozen times, but suddenly you see something that you never saw before, or you understand it in a way you have never understood before. It excites you, it encourages you, and you wanna tell someone! That is revelation directly from the Holy Spirit!

Faith is built on a revelation of God’s word, and the way we receive revelation is by being diligent in hearing and hearing and hearing the word of God. When we do this, the Holy Spirit is faithful to reveal it to us. As we continue to speak out what we are hearing, we put our faith into action and we will eventually see the thing we are believing and speaking come to pass.

Be Blessed and Encouraged,